Electric Vehicle Charger Installers

At DenMar Electric we specialize in a variety of electrical services, including installing EV chargers for both residential and commercial clients on Vancouver Island. We take pride in our quick and professional approach, employing cost-effective solutions for EV charger installations for our customers across Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Nanaimo, Parksville to Port Hardy, and all areas in between.

The rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) due to factors like increasing gas prices and environmental consciousness has led to a significant demand for EV chargers. At DenMar Electric we recognize the importance of facilitating this demand and offer services to install EV chargers for homeowners with a quick turnaround. We provide options for both homeowner-supplied chargers and those sold by us both with full warranties on our installation, ensuring flexibility and choice for our EV charger customers.

In addition to installing EV chargers, we also specializes in service upgrades, commonly referred to as panel upgrades. These upgrades are essential for accommodating electric car chargers, ensuring that the existing electrical system is capable of handling the additional load. By providing expert service upgrades, We at DenMar Electric enable homeowners and businesses to seamlessly integrate EV chargers into their properties, further contributing to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles on Vancouver Island.

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