Thank you for getting someone here today! I called at closing the evening before. David T was a very nice young man. I've used DenMar Electric 3 times now and each time you’ve sent someone different and each time I've had great service. You have very competent staff.

Dave Woodley ~ March 2021

"To Duane at DenMar Electric for coming by our old, but new-to-us home to set up a crew of electricians. And to say thank you for sending such great guys. They were all incredibly kind, helpful, informative and exceptionally polite. They even managed to finish earlier than anticipated. Very happy to recommend DenMar."

Beefs & Bouquets ~ January 13th, 2021

I was very pleased with the work completed by Graham H.

Andrea Baird ~ July 2020

Scott did an excellent job and is a great guy!

Donna Stackhouse ~ July 2020

You hire the nicest people ever! Jeff S was raised right. He cleaned up his mess and even wiped off the fixture when he was done hanging it.

Colleen Pallister ~ July 2020

The electrician you sent was fantastic. She left no mess, was in and out and 2 hours and did excellent work. I had called another electrician and he was going to have to remove part of my wall (Jade didn’t even make any holes that needed repair). I am new to town and I called my Realtor when Jade left and told her what an amazing job she did. I will definitely call you back if I need any more work done.

Lynda Huolt ~ July 2020

Jade was lovely and did a really good job

Mike Whately ~ June 2020

Jade came and fixed my fluorescent fixtures and she did a great job. She impressed both my husband and I with how quick and efficient she was. We are very glad we called your company for the repairs.

Barb Battie ~ June 2020

Jade was wonderful! She explained how things worked better than any other electrician I have ever dealt with. I've always been happy with DenMar Electric but Jade really impressed me.

Ann Dempster ~ June 2020

Scott did a really great job installing our car charger!

Brandi & Micah Chesher ~ May 2020

The guys did a tremendous job!

James Crouch ~ April 2020

Jade and Bryce did a miraculous job! Jade is so smart and asked all of the right questions.

Margaret Motyer ~ March 2020

I was so happy with Ben and DenMar Electric. The fire department had been over the night before to look at an electrical box and was very concerned for the safety of my house. I will sleep well tonight knowing that my house is safe.

Donna Sims ~ March 2020

Job well done!

Maria Jacks ~ March 2020

Just wanted to let you know that your boys (Jeff and Beau) finished their job here earlier this morning and I felt their work and their work ethic were excellent! It really gave me an appreciation for what electricians have to do to get the job done. I work in the Alumni Relations Department at VIU and am pleased to know that the Electrical Trades are graduating some great students! Kudos to DenMar for hiring our grads and carrying on that training.

Jim Drysdale ~ January 2020

Its not too often I get to send these emails but I just wanted Ben’s boss to be aware on how good of a guy he is. Ben comes to the counter, very professional and polite, very quick and very respectful to all of our employees. Only if all our customers could be that way.
Just wanted you guys to know its been a pleasure serving him. Hopefully you get more work this way and can keep him in our neighborhood!

Cory - EB Horsman & Son (Campbell River)~ January 2020

Jeff did a great job – I already thanked him when he was at our house but wanted the office to know he does great work!

Chris Southgate ~ January 2020

I just wanted to say, the boys did a great job up here. I just had a walk through with the Franchisee and this is the first one they have come through that they have no comments back. They are really happy and they are tough to please. I also had the Construction Manager through, he also echoed the praises. Fit, Finish and overall feel is right.
We don’t often hear much when people are happy, but I really wanted to say that your team really did a great job start to finish.

Mike Lewis - Montroyal Contracting ~ December 2019

I can't say enough nice things about Jade. She is an awesome, wonderful person. She kept me informed and gave options. I was really impressed with her and how she took time to interact with me. I'm extremely impressed with everything she did. She showed up at 6:15am and was ready to go with a pleasant attitude.

Leroy - Nanaimo Toyota ~ December 2019

We bought an old house to restore and DenMar is a super company-always arriving when they said and getting the job done-we are happy with the service and the knowledge our house is safe with new wiring!

Susan Penner ~ December 2019

Jeff did amazing work – we were very impressed with him!

Alan Bridgen ~ December 2019

Thank you for the electrical work done at our house. The young electrician, Jade, went 200% for us! Merry Christmas!

Dr. Pappel ~ December 2019

Man, you guys have always been so awesome and fair in your pricing to me. Thank you so much! My mom and sister arrive tommorow night, and it is warm and dry downstairs for them! 22 years I have used your company....never let me down, always take care of me..
Just one of the best companies in Nanaimo..PERIOD!

Ryan Aubichon ~ November 2019

Thank you for getting out so quickly and getting my power back on! The electrician, Dan, was very quick and efficient and I appreciate such great service.

Matthew Robinson ~ November 2019

Jeff did a great job. Great service from DenMar !

Brent Forester ~ October 2019

Thank you so much! Graham D is a lovely gentleman.

Pauline Langley ~ October 2019

Graham H is a beauty!

Roberto - Inn on Long Lake ~ October 2019

Jeff is such a nice guy...your guys always do a great job!

Wendy Woodworth ~ October 2019

We're very happy with the work of Graham H. and Nas.

Rod Kerr ~ October 2019

You’re fantastic! You cleaned out and repaired my bathroom fan. You have the nicest, professional staff. I fill out The Best in the City every year for you!!!

Colleen Pallister ~ October 2019

Thank you for sending Tristen and Beau. They did a wonderful job. I will be calling to have more things done in the new year.

Angela Beaulieu ~ October 2019

Just got home, my house is already so much warmer. Thank you, Jade and Drake; they were awesome.
Thanks again times a million !

Nicole Charity ~ October 2019

Thank you for the great service from Lyn for sending Graham so quickly. He did a great job. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Shirley Thome ~ October 2019

Thank you to Lyn, Duane, and Kyle for great service! I am almost blind and got scared when my light fixture went 'snap, crackle, and pop'. Kyle went and purchased new fixtures and installed them for me. They are wonderful and so bright that I can see better now.

Myrna Coleman ~ September 2019

Thank you to Lyn for saving me hundreds of dollars! I called to have someone come to fix my smoke alarms and Lyn walked me through how to return them saving me a service call and the cost of new detectors. I will recommend you to everybody and will definitely call when I need someone again!

Meredith ~ September 2019

I wanted to thank you, DenMar and Graham for your kindness to me in solving a problem at no charge. The ‘hidden’ GFI reset was on a plug that never gets used and is located in a powder room on the main floor…nowhere near the second floor bathrooms, so no wonder it was missed at first. In any case, Graham was most informative and courteous and I appreciated his advice as well. Certainly, should I ever need any electrical work done in the future, I’ll definitely contact your company. Thank you again!

Frank Lancaster ~ September 2019

Jade is our electrician and she is absolutely wonderful. We will have more work in our bathroom and we’ll be in contact soon to have her back. In listening to the 'on-hold' message on your phone, I can 100% agree with every statement that your company makes about the service you provide and I have never been able to say that about another company. Working with DenMar has been easy and stress-free.

Sandra and Mark Walther ~ September 2019

Working with Kevan was an absolute pleasure. He is so awesome and like a breath of fresh air!

Mike - First General Services Vancouver Island ~ September 2019

Please let Duane know what an awesome job Jeff did – he was great!

Vicky Needham ~ September 2019

Thank you to Duane for the advice. He was right; it was a hydro issue. Thank you!

Wanda Cox - August 2019

Jade was very competent and did a great job!

Dave Schulz ~ August 2019

Graham H and Kiah are doing an excellent job on my basement renovation. Thank you!

Brad Schieve ~ August 2019

Jade is so lovely! She's such a polite young lady.

Beth Taylor ~ August 2019

We want to say how happy we were about the work you guys did at VIU on Monday, with special attention to the cleanup and tidiness of the job. Thank you for the extra efforts!

Terry and Devereaux from McCartan Contracting ~ August 2019

I'm so thankful to Duane for taking the time to help me over the phone to fix something that was so simple and saved me a service call. I am so happy with your customer service and will use DenMar Electric next time I need anything. Please make sure Duane know how thankful I am!

Paul Robertson ~ August 2019

Big thanks to Chris T. The guys he sent (Doug F, Kyle, Drake and Jarryd) were fabulous. They did an excellent job at the Boyd Autobody building for us.

Mick Stone ~ August 2019

Thanks for the excellent service!

Rudy Loibl ~ July 2019

I just wanted to say the workers you sent were outstanding, friendly and courteous. Thank you. I'll know who to call when we need more help.

Dan & Toni ~ June 2019

You have great guys working for you. Jeff and Graham worked hard and did a great job.

Al Demmitt ~ June 2019

I was really happy with the two guys who came (Mike C and Zac). They were fantastic and did a great job.

Mat Smallwood - Cedar Pines Carpentry ~ June 2019

I want to mention that we are very happy with the work that we saw by DenMar to date on site this morning. You’re killing it out there Sam, thank you.

Louise Turch - Project Manager, Saywell Contracting ~ June 2019

I am more than pleased with all my dealings with DenMar. I would not hesitate to recommend your company and will do so. Your employees are great. They were well presented, polite, knowledgeable and professional. The journeyman treated his apprentice with respect. Duane was great. Final bill was less than the original quote. This rarely happens in today’s world. Well done DenMar. My new ‘Go To’ electrical company.

David Bruce Clarkson ~ May 2019

I pay attention to how drivers of vehicles with logo’s on them for various companies behave on the highway. Today I followed one of your vehicles from Courtenay to Nanaimo. What an excellent driver! Consistent, like me just a few kms above the speed limit, slowed down in Nanoose, etc. I stayed behind the whole way as I knew I’d be safe. Just wanted to tell you that.

Barb O'Neil ~ May 2019

It does not get any better than DENMAR in Nanaimo. They have been my go to company for the past 21 years. They took care of me when my family was young, and I was short on cash; kept my family safe by fixing illegal wiring left behind by previous owner of my house...and charging me a fair price. I have never gone anywhere else since.

Ryan Aubichon ~ April 2019

Thank you for responding to my call for an issue on Gabriola Island so quickly and doing such a great job. Graham H was #1! He did fine work and had a great demeanour. He showed up on time, too!

Michel Thomas ~ April 2019

Thank you very much. The two technicians, Graham and Jordan, were amazing. They were friendly, professional and very considerate. They are very nice young men. I am pleased to have chosen DenMar Electric. I’ve work with DenMar before on a large Marina electrical upgrade project so I’m not surprised by the great service.

Dave Ehrismann ~ April 2019

Graham D. was such a nice man and a pleasure to have working in my home. He’s a great employee for you!

Wendy Woodworth ~ April 2019

I am TOTALLY impressed with your staff, Callum, Jade and Nas. They were so professional, polite and while on the job did not speak loudly to one another. They did not use any inappropriate language, (as many do now a days). They cleaned all the areas they worked in. You should be truly proud of the staff you sent our way.

Vicky - Nanaimo Minor Hockey Administrator ~ March 2019

I had a technician from DenMar go the extra mile, he worked very hard getting the job done awesome, couldn’t have been better and he found a problem I didn’t know about, an electric outlet in a closed cupboard and disconnected the previous owner’s dangerous mistake for me.

Kerilie McDowall via "No rants, just Raves" Facebook page ~ February 2019

You guys have really stepped up to the plate for someone you do not even know.
What a team you all are; so kind. Thank you so much!

Paul Legacy - Nanaimo Casino ~ February 2019

I just wanted to say the two guys you sent over were so lovely...very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very efficient. They hardly took any breaks! Thank you!

Bella Cormack ~ February 2019

Jade is such a hard worker! She did a great job in the worst weather conditions.

Jerry - Buck Island Construction ~ January 2019

Just top notch service and all done at fair prices. We needed a lot of electrical clean up work done to our house in Nanoose Bay and Duane was very helpful in determining what was necessary and also helped plan for future upgrades. Once onsite Graham and others who worked on the house were pro's and worked well with our other sub trades who needed connections. Just a great company and very nice folks, highly recommend, and will be using them again.

Gerry Merz ~ January 2019

I have used this Company for over 10 years. When I contacted them with a "please can you come now"... DenMar bent over backwards to help, yet again! The price seemed commensurate with the work accomplished by today's standards.
So this Company gets an Absolutely Fabulous rating from me!

Sarah Silvester-Purdon ~ January 2019

We moved to Nanaimo a year ago. Over that time we have had four of your technicians do work for us (Doug F, Andrew, Jade and Graham D.) They were all very courteous and professional and here at the designated times. A great job of scheduling was done by your office staff as well. Great job. Thanks to everyone. Keep up the good work.

Pierre and Gloria Le Gal ~ January 2019

Please extend our heartfelt thanks to Doug, the electrician who performed the work. He was always professional and courteous and took the time to explain what he was doing. I turned the heat back on on Dec 31 after the tile setter had finished and everything is working as it should.

Steve Shepherd ~ January 2019

I want you to know that I was very impressed with your company and employees for getting out to help when my service went down in the windstorm. Jade did a great job and I appreciate your efforts during that crazy storm.

Tracy Lesperance ~ January 2019

My Wife Toni and I wish to thank you for your efforts in helping us deal with the damage to our house from the recent windstorms. Both the men you sent to repair our hydro lines in the house were respectful, polite and competent. They encountered several unexpected problems arising from our house being older and of 2x4 construction. The hydro lines and meter are inside the exterior walls. They went about solving these problems in a determined manner, and kept us informed of their decisions as they worked through the difficulties. Thank you and especially them for the help.

Rob Garrett & Toni Gatland ~ January 2019

I want to thank you and say I really, really appreciate the job your electricians, Allan and Mike did . The are great guys, 'Cadillac' employees with great, dry senses of humour. They completed everything in an expedient manner and again I send my sincere appreciation!

Chris Searle ~ January 2019

Your electrician, Jeff, who did the job in Courtenay was great. My regular drywaller was expecting a ton of patch work and was amazed at how little damage there was to repair. It was the best electrical work I have ever seen.

Patrick - Service Master North ~ December 2018

One of your electricians, Graham, did a small job for us yesterday. I was so pleased with his work. He is a knowledgeable, careful and thorough electrician. He has a pleasing and friendly manner. I would certainly recommend him to others.

Jim Shabbits ~ December 2018

I was very pleased with the effort by everyone who came to service my 50 year old mobile home. Andrew, Duane and Doug all did a great job to make my home safe. I was pleased with the time and effort put in by all.

Margaret Motyer ~ December 2018

Once again we were so impressed with Graham's knowledge and excellent work ethic. It was a joy to have him in our home and we look forward to working with him again in January.

Bev & Brian Edey ~ December 2018

I was very impressed with the electrician, Jade. She did an excellent job. I was very impressed with her work and how she was able to fix up the wiring.

Bob Manley ~ December 2018

I'm so happy with Jade! She’s a pleasure to have on my job site and she’s helped with many decisions. She’s a bright spot in my day!

Tim Slater ~ December 2018

Duane, James and Raja did a great job!

Al Mason ~ December 2018

We've always had great service from DenMar Electric but Graham was exceptional! He was very good and explained everything to us.

Bob & Shirley Muir ~ November 2018

Thanks so much! Your electrician, Jade, was excellent. She was efficient, professional and very neat.

Georgia Brown ~ November 2018

Evan, the guy you sent, was wonderful!
Duane, who sent him, was great, too!

Lee McDaniel ~ November 2018

Thank you! The serviceman, Jeff, was most pleasant and very efficient. If we need an electrician again we will be sure to call you.

Karen Pearson ~ November 2018

The crew you sent was fabulous! Excellent job!

Arleen Austin ~ October 2018

James was wonderfully polite, did a fantastic job and is an ACE electrician. I had the usual great experience with DenMar Electric. Thanks to the management for upholding a rare and appreciated standard of quality and a staff that abides by it!

Shirley Lee ~ October 2018

I was very pleased with the crew you sent. They got to work right away and finished the job neatly and efficiently. The work was perfect and their cleanup immaculate. I am so pleased with the service. Jade and Mike were very polite and efficient. They are great people and I'm very happy.

Louise Hastings ~ October 2018

Thank you, Duane, for squeezing us into DenMar's schedule. I'm very happy with Jeff's work - Happy to have a doorbell finally!

Frances - Salvation Army ~ October 2018

Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how impressed I was with the two electricians that installed my lights. They are great. The work was perfect and their cleanup immaculate. I will be upgrading additional lights here and will only use DenMar Electric in the future. You can send them back here next time. Awesome people. Perfect job completion!

Mary Ross ~ October 2018

Just wanted to let you know that you guys are awesome! I had your electrician, Jade, in this morning who my staff justs raved about for being so kind and helpful. We are very happy!

Reed Family Wellness ~ October 2018

Thank you very much! We loved our electrician. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and prompt.

Noel Reddy ~ October 2018

I was very impressed with the electrician you sent out. She took exactly the length of time I thought the job should take. She was very efficient.

Norm Howe ~ October 2018

Thank you for coming out so quickly to change the breaker. I really appreciated the excellent customer service.

Peter Allen ~ September 2018

The electricians did a fantastic job and I can't thank them enough.

Doug Johnston ~ September 2018

Kudos to your electrician. He had to do a lot of troubleshooting to find the problem and even crawled under the mobile home. I was very impressed and am happy to pay my invoice.

Margaret Mortyer ~ September 2018

I appreciated Jeff's professionalism and advice. Everything is working great!

Roberta Manzini ~ September 2018

Graham was an absolute shining star. He went above and beyond – please let him know we were so delighted with him.

Elizabeth Law ~ August 2018

Your guys were just great – very polite and quick to get the work done. Graham was so tall he didn’t even need a ladder to install the fan!

Joanne Davies ~ August 2018

Jeff worked very hard to get all the work done. I was very impressed and give Jeff an A+!

Peter Galitzine ~ August 2018

Andrew and Jade did a fantastic job! I couldn’t be happier. I am speechless for words that truly demonstrate my appreciation to Andrew & Jade for the work they did hooking up my air conditioning unit alongside Coastal Energy.

Tony Richardson ~ August 2018

I just want to praise the guys working on a reno at my place. Jeff and Kevin are very professional and are doing a great job. I thought you would like to hear something good for a change.

Aaron Duncan ~ August 2018

I was really happy with the DenMar Electric service!! The guy I had (Jim) worked so hard and was amazing. I would like him for any future work from your company.

Kerilie McDowell ~ August 2018

Very quick to respond and get us a quote and appointment (other electricians in the area were 2-3 weeks waiting time). Did many jobs in about half the time that we were quoted from other companies, and did them very well! Great, friendly work staff who even stayed late on a Friday night to fix something that needed immediate attention. Will be recommending again!

Lyssa Marcil review on DenMar Facebook page ~ July 2018

I appreciate the service and your electrician was great in explaining what caused the outage.

Walt Kilian ~ July 2018

Doug F did a lovely job and was very polite. I will definitely use DenMar Electric again.

Bev Mitchell ~ July 2018

Thank you for excellent service! Everything from booking an appointment to the work being done to final billing was very smooth and easy.

Jo Acampora ~ July 2018

Doug F was a very efficient, polite, hard worker and he is welcome in my home anytime.

Helen Ingram ~ July 2018

The office has been really pleased with the service we are receiving from your team. Thank-You!

Nesh Gatere, Service Master North ~ June 2018

Your guys were amazing! Absolutely awesome job! The job went better than expected.

Edward Butler ~ June 2018

Your crew is great! They are very professional and respectful.

Casino Courtenay Security ~ June 2018

Call Duane at DenMar. They just did some electrical work for us and did a great job. I know nothing about electrical and he made the process easy to understand!

Peggy Grant via 'Nanaimo No Rants just Raves' Facebook page ~ June 2018

Thank you kindly! I will be sending you another small project shortly. Thank for the great service so far!

Patrick -Service Master North ~ June 2018

I want to compliment Graham on a job well done. He was such a nice guy who did a great job and was really pleasant. Thank you!

Tim Schewe ~ June 2018

The entire DenMar crew was great to deal with! The electrician was climbing up in my eaves and got the work done very quickly. Everyone was straight-forward to deal with. I’m a supporter of DenMar!

Ellen Davies ~ June 2018

Big thanks to Darren and his team who were punctual, polite and professional in their work. We were very happy with the excellent service. We will be sure to call DenMar Electric for our next project.

Mike and Louise Reeves ~ May 2018

I had your guys come to remove an old light fixture and install a new one and I was so happy with them. Andrew and Nick were nice guys and great conversationalists. I wonder why everyone doesn’t use DenMar! I always recommend DenMar Electric to friends and friends of friends.

Colleen Pallister ~ May 2018

Graham was awesome!

Jason Minter ~ May 2018

I always appreciate your great service!

George - Smokin' Georges ~ April 2018

The electrician you sent was very knowledgeable and helped us out with a couple of things that were worrying us. We're very happy with your services and will be using you in the future for all our electrical needs.

Michael Leith ~ April 2018

Many thanks to Chris for wiring my kiln. Your staff as very polite and efficient. The invoice was lower than the estimate and I thank you for that. I'll be in touch if ever I should need any wiring done in the future. Thank you.

Dixie Borza ~ April 2018

DenMar Electric crews have done two projects for me at Tim Hortons and I have always appreciated their professionalism and dedication (Especially Duane).

Craig - Tim Hortons ~ April 2018

We have used DenMar Electric for other work and will continue to do so as long as we live on Vancouver Island. It doesn’t matter who you send, he gets the work done and we've been very happy every time. You're #1 “Best in the City” for a reason. We get a human being on the phone and not an answering service. DenMar Electric is reliable, professional, clean and just do great work!

Barry & Angela Beaulieu ~ March 2018

Everything looks great at our house. Lorne did a great job- very neat and tidy. You would hardly know he had to dig a channel from the house to the garage!
Many thanks again!

Suzanne Rush ~ February 2018

Craig, who is the owner of the Tim Horton's on Wallace Street, sits on the TDL advisory board says you guys are FANTASTIC to work with…..
The TDL advisory board oversees the Tim Horton's franchises across Canada.

Dave / Quickservice ~ February 2018

I was so pleased with the recent work in my home. My wife and I are thrilled the breaker doesn’t trip anymore.

Simon Rideout ~ February 2018

Thank you for everything and I will definitely recommend you.

Becky Findlay ~ February 2018

Thank you for your prompt service.

Wes Hanson ~ February 2018

Your electrician, Mitchell, was very helpful and we were glad to have him in our home.

Lynn Nash ~ January 2018

Doug F. was terrific – he did a great job installing our ceiling fan.

Mel Kaminski ~ January 2018

Graham is a real keeper. He gets right into all the tight spots and does a really good job. Please let the bosses know how pleased we are.

Geoff Thomson ~ January 2018

Thanks to Darren, Ryan and the rest of the DenMar Electric Team for being an All Star trade for the Kw’umut Lelum Daycare job.

Paul and Savanna - IWCD ~ January 2018

Thank you. Everything worked out well. Graham worked hard to fix the problem with the front light. It took a lot of skill on his part, and a lot of effort. Thanks again to him and to your company.

David Hudson ~ January 2018

Thanks for the great work in the kitchen. We are very pleased with how things have turned out. Also thanks for the discount you arranged on the bill -- that was above and beyond!!

Sharon Price ~ December 2017

The electrician was quick, polite and cleaned up after himself. I was really pleased.

Jason Harbo ~ December 2017

Jarrod is a very good worker, very knowledgeable and a nice young man.

Don Barth ~ December 2017

Graham was a pleasure to have in my home and if I have work to be done in the future, I would love to have him back.

Janet Mansbridge ~ December 2017

Lorne was awesome. We were very happy with the work he did. We will have more work in the future and will definitely use DenMar!

Nicole Wick ~November 2017

Your electrician was great! He was clean, efficient and a pleasure to have working in our home. We have more work to do in the summer and we will definitely be calling back.

Carrie Aasland ~ November 2017

The electrician that installed the heater was such a great agent for your company.

Jeri Manley ~ November 2017

I was happy with Graham's service; he did a good job for us.

Cees van Oosten ~ November 2017

We threw a few extra things for the electrician to do and he completed everything quickly and did a great job.

Bob Jordan ~ November 2017

The new LED parking lot lights Ben installed are so bright....they're perfect!

Dave - Barons Villa ~ November 2017

I want to thank Rick, as well as Jim & his assistant, for such prompt and accommodating service! We are installing new cabinetry and needed receptacles moved and lighting installed on a short timeline. Rick had great ideas and offered other improvements I hadn’t even thought of. When Jim arrived, right on schedule, to do the work, he and his assistant were efficient and careful to minimize and contain any mess. They were also considerate in locating outlets and switches for convenience and aesthetics. I am so excited for the completion of the project – but mostly to have an outlet in the bathroom for my electric toothbrush and hair dryer!
Thank you for your prompt service – your guys are great, too! Thanks guys!!

Tracie Der ~ November 2017

I was very impressed with Jeff – he is a great asset to DenMar – very quick and clean. I had another electrician from a different company out to do some work and they left stuff everywhere. I’ve already recommended you to a contractor friend .

Chris Brown ~ October 2017

Graham is an amazing employee!

Leigh Rogers ~ October 2017

Doug F. is a great employee for DenMar Electric. Thank you for the excellent work.

Ian Bailey ~ September 2017

A big thank you for sending Graham to do my job.
He does excellent work and with his personality is a great guy to be around.

Leigh Rogers ~ September 2017

A rave to the DenMar Electric worker and a man on a blue motorcycle who got out of their vehicles and helped a poor woman in a white car who stalled in the intersection at Terminal Ave around 3 today. What kind guys! (Others just sat in their cars and watched her struggle)

Tara Sokoloski via Facebook Nanaimo Rant & Raves ~ September 2017

You have a real “gem” in Jim! He did such an amazing job and has such a kind spirit. He made me feel at ease and he is a great worker. I will tell all my friends about DenMar and will definitely use your company again.

Barbara Holt ~ September 2017

Andrew was very clean and professional and did a great job!

Raj Gill ~ September 2017

Thank you for your fast and great service - 5 Star.

Hank Termast ~ August 2017

Thank you for the great job Ryan C. and James did on the PA system at the Chase River School. Awesome job guys!

Guy Pealey - Troy Fire Protection ~ August 2017

The service provided was great and Brad was very pleasant and is an asset to your company. If we require any further electrical we will call.

Dave & Linda Warner ~ August 2017

Graham was excellent, he is a very nice guy and did an excellent job. Everyone is very quick to complain but I like to compliment when it’s due.

Barb Bogart ~ August 2017

We appreciate the service we have received so far. Graham was very professional and friendly.

Dan Fraser ~ August 2017

That was one hell of a good tech you sent 👏

Kevin Pearn ~ August 2017

Graham was really great. He did a wonderful job and was very nice.

Bob Muir ~ July 2017

With many thanks for the great job Jeff did. Much appreciated his promptness, courteousness and efficiency.

Linda Sibau ~ July 2017

I had a plumber replacing the hot water tank and found I would also need an electrician. I called DenMar at lunch time and they were here before 4pm. The electrician was completely competent, friendly and courteous. I like the way they handle the bill. When you call for the appointment they authorize your credit card. When the job is done, they just email you the receipt. All in all a totally excellent experience.

Jim C -YELP review ~ June 2017

The office is great and I'm happy to have my x-ray back up and running.
I'm also very happy with the house. Your guys did an excellent job of getting me the end result I was looking for.
We are planning on moving some lights around in the near future as well as adding some fixtures so I will be in touch once we are clear on what we are looking for.

Thanks again, you guys were excellent to deal with.

Glen Reed
Reed Family Wellness Centre
June 2017

We were very impressed with the DenMar crew. Duane took the time to walk through the job beforehand, make suggestions and help with decisions. Jarrod and his crew were very efficient, professional, accommodating and polite. We will definitely recommend DenMar to our friends/family and will always call DenMar for future work.

Suzanne Galitzine ~ June 2017

Please make sure the bosses know that Ryan is a “McGyver”, he fixed up an old fan and put together and installed 2 new fans so quickly (we opened the box and were overwhelmed with all the pieces). Ryan cleaned up and took everything away with him – I’m not used to trades people doing that. We have a lot of renos coming up, we are finishing our basement and we will definitely use DenMar and would like to request Ryan for our future work, he pointed out things I never would have noticed and he knows exactly what I’m looking to have done.

Barry Beaulieu ~ June 2017

We had a CSA Silver Label inspection, repairs and upgrades done. Lorne and Tristen were a pleasure to have in our home. They are great employees and they represented DenMar in the best way possible. We will recommend you to anyone inquiring about an electrician.

George & Kathy Bartlett ~ June 2017

Dave and I want to thank you so much for looking after us in regards to replacing our intermittent pot light. Well actually the TWO lights...one in the kitchen and now one in the bathroom today.

Ryan remembered being here when we had the extensive electrical renovations done by DenMar. We're hoping it's alright but while he was here, we thought it appropriate to ask for his professional opinion on future additional lighting in our living room. He was very helpful and honest.
Now we feel comfortable about what type of lighting to search for and will certainly give you folks a call when we're ready for that installation in the future.

Thanks again.

Bonnie and Dave Frayn ~ June 2017

All of the tenants in the building praised your crew for their work and helping around the building

Glen Herd
Brotherston Building ~ June 2017

Jeff is a very nice installer. Good job; he’s a keeper!

Don Barth ~ June 2017

Graham was a lovely man. We are very happy with DenMar’s service and once we get settled in the new house in Parksville we will call for more work.

Owen Martin ~ June 2017

I called Den Mar Electric to come on short notice to put GFCI outlets in my garage, per a home inspection report. Lorne came on time and advised me that this was not needed as the outlets in the garage were inside and not exposed to water/elements. He also looked around outside my home to see whether/not the outlets were GFCI and they were. Lorne did not charge me for this visit. I greatly appreciate his honesty and will call upon Den Mar if I ever need electrical service again.

Michelle I - YELP review ~ May 2017

I would like to thank you for the extra effort the project required, especially at the end. Thank you and Brad for all you guys did for the project.

Kawatsi Constrution - Kwa'Lilas Hotel ~ May 2017

Graham was great! I'm really happy!

Christine Parsons ~ May 2017

Thank you to Lyn for the binder she assembled for the Townsite Rd Apartment project. It makes the work easier to have such a tidy and well labelled submision! While only a small thing, it did make my day!

Alisia Strautins - Traine Construction ~ April 2017

Thanks very much for the excellent and friendly service we received during our mini-crisis. We will definitely recommend your company and be returning customers.

Randy Churchill ~ April 2017

An excellent young man came. He was very lovely and I was happy with his work.

Marilyn Hill ~ April 2017

Ben has been working on our house during our renovation and I can't say enough about how helpful he has been.

Michelle Dobish ~ April 2017

Jarrod was great and very thorough in his work.

Ed Dumont ~ April 2017

I am so happy with the electrician and the work that was done. He was very pleasant and did a great job. I'm so pleased that someone recommended DenMar Electric to me. I have hung my DenMar sticker and will recommend you to everyone in the building.

Debra Constant ~ March 2017

Ben was wonderful! He did a great job and I appreciated you getting to our house on such short notice to sort out the wiring to my new boiler.

Alessandra DeLeeuw ~ March 2017

Graham did a great job! I'd like him to be sent back when I have more work to be done.

Bud Facey ~ March 2017

I am very impressed with Ben and think he is a great asset to your company.....he should be promoted! He dictated how the job should flow and what trades need to have what done first so everyone can get their job done in order and a timely fashion without interfering with other trades.

Rob Grey ~ March 2017

Graham is a wonderful man who was very courteous and cleaned up after himself.

Ben Kessler ~ March 2017

We didn't need a lot done but Doug F was very courteous.

Laura McDonough ~ March 2017

I was very impressed with DenMar Electric's work. Jeff was very professional and did a great job. I want to use DenMar Electric exclusively in the future.

Chris - Sunny Furnace ~ March 2017

Thank you to Duane for his quote and all of his organizing. Travis, the fellow you sent out, was wonderful. He had a great personality.

Arlene Watts ~ February 2017

Thanks for the successful call. Lorne is an excellent rep for the company!
Mike Proctor ~ February 2017

I am very impressed with DenMar Electric and have recommended you to my sister as she is planning a reno. I will tell my friends as well. I asked for a quote and you showed up when you said you would. The work was done quickly and efficiently. Your guys were great!

Pat Mullaly ~ January 2017

On behalf of the Nanaimo Hospital Auxiliary and particular Lois Ohlhausen, many thanks for installing the ceiling fan in the Auxiliary Thrift Store at no cost.
This thoughtful act helps in our work to support patient comfort and care in the hospital community and is very much appreciated.

Louise Baker
Corresponding Secretary
Nanaimo Hospital Auxiliary
~ April 2016

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to DenMar Electric for the professionalism, service and quality of workmanship I have received from you over the years both in my business and personal endeavors.
From a personal standpoint, my wife Cindy and I built our home a few years ago and had a couple of very disappointing experiences with electrical contractors. DenMar Electric came on board at that time and not only met our expectations but exceeded them. On a business note, DenMar has been there for many of my clients from little jobs to big jobs and have dealt with all of them, professionally and efficiently. You have shown up when they said they would and completed the work in a timely manner. Your staff is always knowledgeable and helpful and I will continue to send business your way with the upmost confidence.

Dave Hammond

Recently, when half of my house suddenly and inexplicably lost power on a rainy weekend morning I needed immediate electrical assistance. I called three companies in the Yellow Pages advertising 24 hour emergency services and only one responded – DenMar Electric. Not only was I impressed that they returned my call within 20 minutes, but I was even more impressed when the manager who took the weekend call personally promised to arrive within the hour, and showed up in forty minutes. After a thorough inspection of my electrical service Graham determined that further investigation was required, given my house was a mid century home with mostly old wiring, but first he made sure that was everything was safe for the time being.

A couple of days later DenMar sent two electricians to find and fix my electrical problems and they quickly encountered a wiring nightmare from the 1950s, with no apparent pattern or logic. Together, they worked methodically and competently to trace the source of the problems, fixing issues found and updating plugs along the way. It took longer than expected and they both committed to completing the repairs despite waiting family obligations. I was both impressed and grateful for their dedication and determination to leave me with lights and heat on this dreary winter day. Also very gratifying to my stretched budget, the bill I received in the end was much more manageable I thought it might be. Consequently, DenMar Electric is now my first electrician of choice.

David Woodward

I just wanted to put in writing what I have been meaning to do several times now, I am just blown away by the service and attention to detail that DenMar Electric provides me. With more phone calls than I can remember to your office, I can honestly say you and your staff have never once dropped the ball or let me/Bon Echo homes down.

Your employees are always positive and a pleasure to have on my jobsites. In particular, your foreman for DenMar on 4570 Laguna was awesome to work with and a definite asset to your organization. He is extremely organized, detail orientated, focused, driven and fun to work with, but I cannot overlook the same qualities in Duane and Graham, as well as the numerous apprentices that work on our sites.

I wish I could find this attention to detail and work in the numerous other subtrades I have had the misfortune of working with in Nanaimo.

Thank you,

Graham Maloney
Bon Echo Homes Ltd.

Good afternoon, last week we had a crew from your business come to our office and replace all of our lighting. I wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed we were with them! We have a full office here of adivsors and clients going in and out all day long. Your staff was not only quick, and efficient but also very friendly and accommodating.

Generally when I have someone in to get some work done in the office during business hours, I will have at least one advisor complain either about noise, mess or inconvenience. I received nothing but positive feedback. Everyone was impressed at how such a large crew could get a big job done and not cause any disruption to our work place.

After all the work was done there was no mess left behind, nothing but nice new bright lights!

Thank you so much - what an awesome company you are - and you have a fantastic crew!!!

You guys rock!! All the best,

Susan Mann
Sun Life Financial

They were the team that installed my new furnace and heat pump. I was very impressed with their diligence and their courtesy. They were friendly, focussed, and informative. They ensured that any mess made during the work was cleaned up at the end and checked with me to see that it was done to my expectations. Their professionalism and customer care are a credit to your company and to your reputation in this community. Please convey to them my appreciation for their services and for their performance.

Gary N. Greer

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to DenMar Electric and particularly to Graham Davies for the excellent work and cooperation exhibited during this project. Early hours as well as working around staff and our schedules wasn't always easy but accomplished successfully and professionally none the less.

Steve Todd
Security Manager, Playtime Community Gaming Centres Inc.

DenMar Electric Ltd’s client won two prestigious awards at Jacuzzi’s 4th international awards banquet. Congratulations to the Soakhouse.

Best International Overall Showroom - The Soakhouse (Nanaimo, BC) Exceptional Customer Service Award - The Soakhouse (Nanaimo, BC)

Jarvis Engineering Consultants has been involved with Den Mar Electric Ltd. for the past two years. Their electrical contracting services were carried out in a most professional manner and workmanship was found to be above par. The project work was completed in the time and on budget.

Based on our experience, we confidently recommend Den Mar Electric to do business with.

Peter Olij
Jarvis Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Vanmar Constructors Inc. has been working with DenMar Electric Ltd. on various projects, successfully for the past two years. We would highly recommend their services to anyone as required

Geoff Deacon-Project Manager
Vanmar Constructors Inc.

Thank you for the quick work you did upgrading my electrical service. I am amazed that someone crawled through my tiny attic space to feed the cables through. And that my guitar amps, PA, and drums were moved to safety before work began - a huge oversight on my part, I'm glad someone was thinking about the welfare of my instruments!

The work was done fast with no inconvenience to me, and was clean and professional looking. I forgot to mention that I had a preference for what brand panel I wanted, but I got what I wanted anyway. Your electricians were friendly and helpful, answering any questions I had and even making sure my cats didn't get out.

I am really happy that I chose DenMar - I had quotes for over $600 less, however the Service Manager impressed me on his visit. He took the time to go over what needed to be done, what changes had to be made to bring it up to code [the old connection wasn't] and even an estimate on what BC Hydro was going to charge me. All in all, I'd say that I made the right choice; in this day and age, you get what you pay for. The best part of it all of course is now I can have my heat pump, recording studio, AND a hot tub without tripping the breakers.

Andrew Nicholls

We want to let you know that we were impressed with your employees Graham and his apprentice. They did a great job. They always made sure that they made a minimal impact on our daily lives while they worked. They tidied everything up each day. This is an old house and presented a variety of challenges but, Graham was able to come up with workable solutions.

Thank you, Terry Winters


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